A little about web sites:

A web site should be your own way of letting the world know what you have to sell or what you have achieved and a place where people can contact you in a safe way.
Many people have a misguided idea that all websites cost a fortune to build and maintain. Many people are sold a site that is far too complicated and has so many bells and whistles that no-one could use it without an IT person on their payroll.
I can help  by building you a site that is easy to use and maintain.
All you need to do is send me some pictures and text that you would like to put in your site and I will do the rest.
Want a forum on your site? Want secure forms that are spam proof? Need more email addresses in your domain name? The list goes on and it will NOT cost you a fortune.


For me to lay-up your site, arrange an ISP, set email addresses and liaison with you, a simple site would cost NZ$355.00 and if required, NZ$9.65 per month support cost plus GST.
Depending on the size of your site and the amount of traffic it generates e.g. up to 40 pages, the hosting cost would be NZ$8 plus GST per month. (Minimum 6 Months)
The only other thing you will need is a domain name which you can arrange or I could do for you.

Thank You
Web Co.
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